Sherlock Socket (4-Pin)



This part is the 4-pin connector used to connect sensors and accessories to the BITalino (r)evolution Plugged, Core, and Resurrection boards via the Molex Sherlock to Molex Sherlock connection cable. The main advantage is the fact that these connectors are easy to solder and handle using standard equipment.

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    This part is the 4-pin wire & crimp pin housing used in the Molex Sherlock sensor connection cables. IMPORTANT: In general, crimp pins are required to fix the wires onto the plug.

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    1.20mm terminals used to lock wires in place on the 4-pin Molex Sherlock female socket (used in the sensor connection cables), and on the 3-pin Molex Sherlock female socket (used in the 2-lead and 3-lead electrode connection cable); this part can also be used to easily connect individual wires to individual pins on the 3- and 4-pin Molex Sherlock male plugs.

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    Whether you have a legacy BITalino device or just want to play around with your BITalino (r)evolution using "human-sized" wires and connectors then this is the cable for you, as it provides user-friendly crimping ability both to RJ plugs and Molex Sherlock crimps.

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    This convenient wire assembly enables easy access to the individual pins on the Sherlock 3- & 4-Pin sockets (e.g. for bread board setups) and also to the connector pin on the stainless steel pads (e.g. to connect to a Sherlock 3-Pin socket).

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