Success Stories

We have worked with leading organizations,
gathering experience in custom R&D and OEM
as well on the development of market-ready products.


PLUX developed for DDME, an US based med-tech company, a solution to monitor associated episodes of nocturnal bruxism and sleep apnea. The solution consists on a set of EMG, SpO2, HR, accelerometer and audio sensors, plus a mobile app for Android that does both data collection, and signal processing, and a cloud solution for dentists to access patient reports. The solution branded as GEMPRO is currently marketed in the US.

During the scope of this project, Plux has developed

  • A custom-made hardware that collects masseter EMG, snoring audio and body position on a small package;
  • A scalable and quickly deployable cloud service infrastructure to collect all the data (RAW and processed), and present it to the dentists/prescribers;
  • Signal processing add-on for EMG, audio and body position analysis;
  • Integration with a third-party hardware equipment via Bluetooth;
  • Two Android custom applications for both study data collection, and quick & easy data analysis on the GO.


At the request of Intel PLUX developed a proof-of-concept for a wrist-worn hands-free controller for mobile or PC devices using electromyographic signals. (watch video)

Vodafone Foundation

PLUX was selected by Vodafone Foundation to co-develop a telemonitoring system for long term oxygen therapy patients, through which doctors can remotely and accurately adjust the patients’ therapy, improving their quality of life.

Charles River Analytics

PLUX developed for the Boston based R&D company Charles River Analytics a custom head-worn fNIRS (functional near infrared spectroscopy sensor) that reads the oxygen from the cortex and of a wearable arm band with SpO2, EDA (on the arm), motion, and temperature sensors to analyse neurological performance. This solution allowed CRA, that developed a specific software solution, to detect an individual cognitive worload that was applied in multiple fields in an unobtrusive sensor solution.


PLUX developed for the Portugal national high-yield olympic preparation center a customized solution to measure Jump, velocity-power & force data analysis protocols, that allow sports technicians to rapidly evaluate and diagnose the physical conditions of their athletes.


PLUX developed a Respiration sensor for drowsiness detection in professional drivers with FICOSA, a tier-1 auto components manufacturer.