Open Wires Cable

Cable assembly used to break out the pins on the 4-pin Molex Sherlock sensor plug, facilitating the connection of BITalino (r)evolution sensors and accessories to third-party systems.

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  • Ready to use (connector on one ends)
  • Color coded wires
  • Available with miniaturised (UC-E6), DiY (Molex Sherlock) or legacy (RJ) connectors

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    This part is the miniaturised connector used to connect the 2- & 3-lead accessories to the EMG, ECG, EDA & EEG sensors and also to connect the sensors and actuators to the BITalino (r)evolution Plugged & Core boards via the UC-E6 to UC-E6 sensor connection cable.

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    This part is the 3-pin connector used on the sensor boards to connect the 2- and 3-lead electrode connection cables; it is also used to interface the SnapBITs with the sensor and on accelerometer sensor board to connect the X & Y accelerometer axis breakout cable. The main advantage is the fact that these connectors are easy to solder and handle using...

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    This part is the 4-pin connector used to connect sensors and accessories to the BITalino (r)evolution Plugged, Core, and Resurrection boards via the Molex Sherlock to Molex Sherlock connection cable. The main advantage is the fact that these connectors are easy to solder and handle using standard equipment.

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    This part can be used with the BITalino Resurrection breakout boards, on bread board assemblies, as well as on our legacy BITalino Plugged and Core boards to facilitate a robust connection between the sensors or accessories and the MCU using a phone-cord-like cable.

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