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Create your own hands free control of mobile or PC devices with hand gestures to differentiate your smart watch or research!

  • Desiged to detect 3+ universal gestures
  • EMG on top and bottom of wrist using dry gold electrodes and accelerometer
    • Signal features detected directly on device MCU
  • Features extracted in real-time:
    • Real time monitorization: at 800 Hz
    • Range: ~up to 10m
    • Communication: Bluetooth low energy
    • Battery Life: ~up to 9h in continuous use
  • Raw data streaming for research coming soon
For OEMS that want to add gestures to your existing design:
  • Small embeddable components
    • Dry gold electrodes + small EMG sensor chipset Firmware code to process features on the device
  • BLE communication
    • control phone, tablet or computer
  • Reference designs
    • Including PCBs, dry electrodes, firmware with 2 stage detection algorithms, 3D print watch design & Android demo app