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EMG Periform/Anuform disposable probe


Single user EMG probe.

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35,00 € * Tax excluded

0.5 kg
Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

  • Periform
  • Anuform

High performance bipolar sensor with low noise characteristics for seamless pelvic floor muscle data acquisition.

This sensor is especially designed for high performance pelvic floor EMG data acquisition. The bipolar configuration is ideal for uncompromised low-noise data acquisition, and the raw data output provides medical-grade data enabling it to be used for advanced and highly accurate electrophysiology research.

  • Gain: 1000
  • Range: ±1.5mV (with VCC = 3V)
  • Bandwidth: 25-500Hz
  • Input Impedance: >100GOhm
  • CMRR: 100dB